It's amazing how far the Apple Watch has gone through the years. From the first-generation Apple Watch and now the Apple Watch Series 6, this Apple product never failed to set the bar high for smartwatches. In the past few years, the amount of customization for Apple watches has also spiked up. From leather bands, stainless steel bands, and even a special edition one such as the Apple Watch Nike Series 3.

When the first Apple Watch was launched on April 24, 2015, it surprised the entire tech world. While brilliant watches have unquestionably existed previously, it was culminated by Apple. The conventional watch was getting wiped out among the clients as everybody checked the time on their phones. This is why the Apple Watch was designed to focus on traditional watch users, on top of which Apple guaranteed that the Apple Watch would give the best utilization of the watch when associated with your phone.

Due to the introduction of this smartwatch line each year, the Apple Watch is an easily recognized name for almost everybody. With the expanding use and fame, it's a given that the Apple Watch is something unique - it is something that takes your smartwatch experience to another level.

Apple Watch line has brought six distinctive series throughout the years; the newest edition is the Apple Watch Series 6. Each one of them has different modifications and updates in body, color, performance, and in particular, brilliant features.

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 38mm GPS + Cellular Unlocked

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 38mm GPS + Cellular Unlocked

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Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 is quite an affordable smartwatch that retails at $199. One dope feature of this Series was the introduction of Apple Pay; you can input your card details on this one and make payments for anything. Like all other series of Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 3 comes in GPS and GPS + Cellular versions. The display comes in sizes 38mm and 42 mm, having a retina OLED display with force touch. Apple Watch Series 3 has a capacity of 1.6 GB including features like GPS, Accelerometer, Optical heart sensor, water resistance to 50 meters, barometric altimeter, ambient light sensor, and many more.

Apple Watch Series comes in two colors of the body- Silver aluminum case with white sport band and space gray aluminum case with black sport band. Each of them is priced at $199.

Apple Watch Nike+ Edition

On October 28, 2016, Apple released the first watch made in collaboration with Nike, the sports giant. For the previously released Apple Watch Series 2, Apple partnered with Nike to introduce a different version of the smartwatch. They named it the Apple Watch Nike+ edition, deciding to offer new series each year. The highlight of the Apple Watch Nike edition is the variant Nike watch faces and Nike runs club, which is athlete friendly. The tagline of this collaborated line by Apple and Nike is ‘Designed for Athletes by Apple and Nike.’

Since then, the new watch by Apple comes in two different versions- the standard Apple Watch and the Nike+ edition.

Apple Watch Nike Series 3 is also one of the products launched from the line of smartwatches in collaboration with Apple and Nike. Though the Apple Watch Series 3 was launched in September 2017 following the ritual of Apple’s release cycle, Apple Watch Nike+ was launched a month later. On October 5th of the same year, the series 3 models of Apple Watch Nike+ were available in the Apple store.

It has both cellular and Non-cellular versions of the standard series 3. But, what’s unique in the Apple Watch Nike+ edition is the Nike Watch faces, Nike+ run Club. These exclusive Nike watch faces are available in digital and analog styles for the Apple Watch only.

Packaging of Apple Watch Nike Series 3

For those who are a sucker for packaging concepts, you’ll be glad to know how sleek the packing of Apple products is. Like all other Apple products, Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 is also presented beautifully.  It comes in a smooth black rectangular box which has the logo of Nike+ besides the Apple watch. 

Once you open it, you will notice the tagline of the smart watch-Designed for Athletes by Apple and Nike. After that, you will find a manual to set up the Apple Watch. Then, you will lay your hands on the gorgeous Apple Watch Nike+ edition in whichever style you ordered. Next, you will find the usual - wireless charging cable and the charging port.

It is a noteworthy fact that they add an extra side of the band, small or medium to fit the right size of your wrist.  

Apple Watch Nike Series 3 Silver

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 (GPS), 38mm Silver Aluminum Case

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Styles of Apple Watch Nike Series 3

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 is made in sizes, 38mm and 42mm. It is available in two different kinds of strap - sport band and sport band in four styles. They are-

  1. Silver Aluminum Case with Pure Platinum-Black Nike Sport Band
  2. Silver Aluminum Case with Bright Crimson-Black Nike Sport Loop
  3. Space Gray Aluminum Case with Anthracite-Black Nike Sport Band
  4. Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black-Pure Platinum Nike Sport Loop

The sport band ones are available in GPS only and GPS + Cellular versions. The GPS-only versions retail at $330 for a 38mm case and $360 for a 42mm case. On the other hand, the GPS + Cellular versions are priced at $400 and $430 for 38mm and 42mm respectively. However, the sport loop is available for GPS + Cellular versions only which are priced at $400 for a 38mm case and $430 for a 42mm case. 

So, we can say that the Apple Watch Nike+ edition ranges from $330 to $430. Additional Nike bands will cost $49 each. 

Speculations of Apple Watch Nike+

Apple Watch Nike+ has similar speculations as to the standard Apple Watch. But here is a short breakdown of those:

  • Has second-generation OLED display that features ion X glass on the front and composite materials on the back of the watch.
  • Has S3 chipset which provides a faster dual-core processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.
  • Has 8 GB of storage capacity

Exceptional Features by Nike 

Nike Watch Faces

Nike Watch faces are only available for Nike+ editions. They come in vibrant and neon colors, giving an athletic vibe to your smartwatch. It also has the Nike logo on the left corner of the display. This exclusive Nike Watch faces option offers various wallpapers and clock options. 

You can change the time and clock as per your choice. You can customize your display the way you want to. For example, you can add weather, workout information, date, and time to your display. Or, if you prefer anything else to be highlighted, you can add that too!

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club supports different in-app workouts. You can experience the guidelines of world-class athletes or any Nike coach through this. The music that this provides keeps you on track for a good run or workout. 

Nike Run Club includes everything that we need to have a better run - starting from GPS tracking to audio-guided runs. It has weekly, monthly, and daily challenges and motivations set for you. However, you can customize your daily goals according to your target.

Why Buy Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3?

This question is answered for Nike fans only. If you really want that Nike logo at the back and the NRC app in your watch, only then you should go for it. Otherwise, the standard Apple Watch and Apple Watch Nike+ are identical. 

Apple Watch Nike Series 3 (GPS) - Series 3 - 38MM Space Gray Aluminum Case

Apple Watch Nike+ (GPS) - Series 3 - 38MM Space Gray Aluminum Case

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Final Thoughts

Apple Watch Nike Series 3 is a more athlete-focused version. While the new Apple Watch Series 6 being more on the expensive side and Series 4 and Series 5 being discontinued, Apple Watch Series 3 is going to be the right one for you. 

Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts would find it more attractive to have their favorite brand collaborate with Apple in bringing an athlete-friendly smartwatch. Overall, Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 provides the best for its value.

Ian Warner

Ian Warner is an internet entrepreneur that loves using smartwatches to track his fitness goals. As a 2012 Olympian, he understands the importance of taking care of your health to succeed in life. After buying his own Fitbit and realizing how much it helped him maintain good habits, he could not help but share their power with the world.

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