When it comes to smart bands, Fitbit is everyone's favorite name. The brand has earned its spot in the heart of smart users and gadget lovers with its stylish, slick design and functionality. The Fitbits are the most accurate fitness trackers out in the market. Their algorithms and 24/7 health monitoring are incomparable to other fitness trackers. But that's not the only thing that makes Fitbit special. There are more other versatile functions that only the Fitbits offer.

One thing that everyone does wrong is to consider the Fitbit as a smartwatch and a replacement for the Apple watches and android wears. But it's not. 

That's right. The Fitbit is not an actual smartwatch. It's close to one, and it's nowhere near an Apple watch.

Despite not being a smartwatch, the Fitbits are very expensive and demanding. One may want to buy them for accurate health tracking. Others want to buy it to keep up with the trend. But the price is what's stopping us from buying them. For those, they can simply buy a refurbished Fitbit.

But is buying a refurbished Fitbit worth it? Will you get scammed? Let us answer those questions below.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminium

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminium (Refurbished Fitbit)

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What is a Refurbished Fitbit?

So to understand the answer to this question, you need to know what a refurbished product is.

A refurbished product is usually those products that were returned by customers for various reasons. It could be returned for an exchange trade, or the products were defective/ malfunctioning. These products are fixed and tested by the manufacturer and are being sold at a lower price.

Now, what is a refurbished Fitbit smart band? A refurbished Fitbit smart band means that the band was brought by someone before, and for some reason, he/ she returned the band to the place it was purchased. The band could be totally fine and as new, or it has some defects and malfunctions.

Does Fitbit Sell Refurbished Smart Bands?

So let's answer the question that is hovering in everyone's mind. Does Fitbit sell their refurbished gears? No. Unfortunately, Fitbit does not offer any refurbished smart bands.

So, that means all the refurbished Fitbit bands you will see in the market are third-party products. That means you are buying a Fitbit smart band unofficially. But don't worry. You can still access the full functions offered by an officially bought Fitbit.

Will a Refurbished Smart Band Work Like a New One?

Refurbishing means accepting an old product and fixing it, polishing it to sell it again. Fitbit does accept their product for return under some legal conditions and agreements. But they do not resell those products by refurbishing them.

That means Fitbit is not testing the refurbished smart bands in the market. So the chances are that some of these refurbished Fitbit bands will be defective and malfunction. But if they have no defects, they will work like brand new ones because the Fitbit smart bands are very durable and can last for many years.

The refurbished Fitbit smart bands out in the market are sold by retail marketers unofficially. This means the bands did not go under any interior circuit board and sensory testing. They were polished and rebranded on the outside but not fixed from the inside.

So if you do not want to get scammed with a malfunctioning refurbished Fitbit, test all the band's functions by yourself. If possible, take a friend who is a regular Fitbit user. He/ she can test all the functions and sync the band for you before purchasing. That way, you will not get scammed with a defective refurbished Fitbit.

Are Refurbished Fitbit Bands Dangerous?

Refurbished Fitbit bands can provide wrong health information. That's because these refurbished bands were sold unofficially by gadget shops. These shops do not have the capability to test and fix the sensors of the band.

So, are the wrong health analytics data from your refurbished Fitbit band dangerous for your health? Actually, yes. It is very dangerous but not directly.

Fitbit is famous for its 24/7 accurate health analytics. This accurate health tracking function made it earn more fame and acceptance than the Apple watch. There are many incidents in which Fitbit bands saved patients' lives. One of the cases is related to a regular Fitbit user whose heart was not beating in a proper rhythm. 

The doctors were having a hard time figuring out what the patient was really suffering from, and they did not have the patient's regular heartbeat data. So, they used the heartbeat tracking data from his Fitbit band and saved the patient. This case is now part of medical science studies. Because of that, doctors highly trust the health tracking data from Fitbit bands.

So, if your band has malfunctioning sensors and you are in a serious situation where your health data is required, you will be in serious trouble for believing the wrong data from your Fitband.
So, yes, a refurbished Fitbit can be dangerous for your health.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch with S/L bands - White/Silver (Renewed)

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch White/Silver (Renewed)

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Is a Refurbished Fitbit Band Worth It?

Now let us answer the only question that matters. Is buying a refurbished Fitbit band worth it? Or should you go for an official new one?

Why do we buy refurbished products? It's because we are looking for a not expensive way for purchasing something good and expensive. Despite not being a smartwatch, Fitbit smart bands are very expensive and more costly than regular smartwatches. Most of their models are priced near $1500. The most expensive Fitbit band, which is the only Fitbit close to a smartwatch, is priced at $2000, half the Apple watch price.

What is the justification for such a high price? The answer is accurate and reliable 24/7 health monitoring. Fitbit does way better than any other smart wear in the market. That includes the Apple watch. So, if accurate health data is your top priority over other functions in a smartwatch, the Fitbit should be your first watch. This is enough to justify the official price of Fitbit smart bands. But is it enough for refurbished Fitbit bands?

Of course. You are paying less for the same thing. The difference is that your purchase is unofficial. Refurbished products tend to have defects and malfunctioning parts. As Fitbit does not sell refurbished smart bands, there is a high chance that the refurbished Fitbit bands in the market have defects. It is up to you to check the band and make sure all the functions are working properly and giving accurate health readings. If you manage to do these tests by yourself or with your friend's help before purchasing, then your purchase will be worth it.

What You Get in a Refurbished Fitbit 

If you can manage to buy a refurbished Fitbit smart band without any defects and malfunction in it, then you should brace yourself for a wonderful experience.

The Fitbit band will give you 24/7 accurate health reading. You will be able to see how many steps you have taken, how many calories you've burned, and your sleep activities. Your personal health doctor can use the data from your Fitbit band to identify any potential health problems that you may suffer from. The data can also assist doctors in critical situations to determine their approach to treatment.

The Fitbit band will give you access to their wonderful community of Fitbit users. You can even find your friends and relatives who are Fitbit users and see their health data and compete with them, something that other smartwatches don't have.

Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition Fitness Activity Tracker Graphite

Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition Fitness Activity Tracker Graphite/White (Renewed)

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Final Thoughts on Refurbished Fitbit

If you are still confused about buying a refurbished Fitbit, then hear us out. If you can test and identify any refurbished Fitbit bands error, you can buy them with confidence. If there aren’t any errors in your refurbished Fitbit band, then brace yourself for a wonderful experience with your smart band.

Ian Warner

Ian Warner is an internet entrepreneur that loves using smartwatches to track his fitness goals. As a 2012 Olympian, he understands the importance of taking care of your health to succeed in life. After buying his own Fitbit and realizing how much it helped him maintain good habits, he could not help but share their power with the world.

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